Here’s NCT DREAM Jeno’s Favorite Quote From K-Drama “Twenty Five Twenty One”

The members recognized the line immediately.

Netflix‘s ongoing Korean drama Twenty Five Twenty One has been a favorite among viewers, including BTS‘s Jungkook and has another idol joining the ranks.

“Twenty Five Twenty One” poster. | Netflix

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno recently shared one of his favorite quotes from watching the show.

Jeno | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

When giving advice to a fan on 37.5MHz Haechan Radio, Jeno thought of a drama scene that tackled the issue the fan was facing. He said, “Not too long ago, I heard this line in a drama.

Jeno began the first half of the quote, “Do you like getting the compliment that you get from work…” The members immediately recognized where it had come from.

Jeno finished, “Or do you do it because you think that work itself is really fun?

Renjun correctly revealed that the quote was from Twenty Five Twenty One, while Haechan pointed out that Taeil sang “Starlight” for the show.

The scene came from episode seven of the show, where one character attempted to teach a younger one about the importance of enjoying whatever you do for yourself—not the rewards.

If you liked the compliments, you can quit. But if you liked ballet, think it over again.

— Na Hee Do

Between the advice from the members and Jeno’s quote from the show, the NCTzen is sure to discover what they really enjoy in life.