NCT Dream’s Jeno Gives Jaemin A New Name Thanks To His Iconic “BOOM” Line

Jeno hit the nail on the head.

During NCT Dream‘s appearance on the Power Of K Lab7, the members were waiting for Jaemin to do the pose that’s been a favorite of fans ever since their song “BOOM” was released.

As he says, “Ice cream,” he brings his hand up to his mouth as he shows a bright, charismatic smile and winks.

To encourage Jaemin to show everyone, Jeno addressed him by a totally new name. He sweetly called him “Ice Cream-ssi.”

Since Jaemin has said the line so many times along with making the gesture, Jeno’s new name hilariously fits. They always come up with the best ways to make fun of each other. What do you think of NCT Dream’s newest member Ice Cream?