Here Is How NCT DREAM’s Jeno And Haechan Plan To Spend Their Hard-Earned Money

Are NCT DREAM rich?

In a recent guest appearance on YouTube show Turkids On The Block, NCT DREAM‘s Jeno and Haechan revealed how they plan to spend their money, and their ideas couldn’t be more in character for them.

The host of the show, Lee Yong Jin, brought up the subject by asking a question that is likely on everyone’s minds: do NCT DREAM make a lot of money?


He said that, if he were an idol and he made lots of money, he’d probably buy an expensive car or an expensive watch. But then he said, “I wondered why you don’t do such a thing.” Mark and Haechan had an interesting answer. They said it depends on each person, as everyone chooses to spend their money differently.

Lee Yong Jin then asked them where they choose to spend their money instead, and he teased Jeno by saying he probably spends his entire salary on hair dye and fancy jackets.

But Jeno’s real answer is much more in character for him. He says he is actually saving up his money to be able to buy a nice house!

Similarly, Haechan is also trying to save up his money…except he doesn’t hesitate to spend on presents to himself here and there, especially in the form of electronics.

Lee Yong Jin then poked some fun at him too. Earlier they’d been discussing how uncomfortable Haechan’s bangs must be in his eyes, so Haechan hilariously joked back that he found haircuts unnecessary, which is how he saves money.

While it’s impossible to know how much NCT DREAM make, their spending habits say a lot about them. It’s no surprise that Jeno is trying to save up to buy a home, or that Haechan likes to spoil himself with electronic devices…or that Jaemin likes to spend his money on fancy presents for his members. But if any of those things are an indication, then it’s safe to say they’re pretty well off!

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And you can watch the full clip from Turkids On The Block below.