NCT Dream’s Jeno Had Jaemin’s Back When He Struggled With Massive Chopsticks

Jeno looked like an angel at that moment.

In NCT Dream‘s episode of School Attack, they ate their breakfast using unusual instruments given to them for a challenge.


Out of them all, Jaemin had it the hardest with his specially-made 1-meter chopsticks. Despite the significant disadvantage, he tackled the challenge with enthusiasm by instantly reaching for meat to add to his bowl.

Although he was able to place a piece into his bowl, the real challenge came when trying to eat it. He failed miserably, making everyone question whether or not he’d be able to eat. After enough attempts, Jeno couldn’t bear to see Jaemin suffer.

Determined to eat, Jaemin brought the food to his mouth once more. This time, Jeno used his own utensil to make sure none of the food would fall. As the attempt succeeded, Jeno couldn’t hide his affectionate smile.

The role of a good friend is to step in when you need help, even when you haven’t asked. Jeno proved he was precisely that. See the smile on his face as he lends Jaemin a helping hand, or rather straw.