NCT Dream’s Jeno And Jaemin Are Now Members Of NCT U, And No One Was Ready

NCTzens didn’t know they needed all of them on the same stage.

Following the confusion that followed NCT Dream‘s change to function similarly to NCT U, fans were more than happy to know that all seven members would stay together.

What NCTzens hadn’t been ready for was Jaemin and Jeno suddenly becoming a part of NCT U.

During KBS‘s special airing of Music Bank, the members of NCT U gathered to perform a combination of NCT 127‘s “Kick It” and NCT Dream’s “Ridin'” called “Kick & Ride”.

The performance started with JungwooJaehyun, and Haechan‘s familiar faces, since the former were both a part of “Boss” promotions and the latter for “Coming Home”.

Dancing confidently beside them were Jeno and Jaemin, making their first appearance in the unit.

With them now being members of the unit, fans can’t wait to see what they’ll be doing in the future.

Check out Jaemin and Jeno’s badass introduction as the newest members of NCT U here.