NCT Dream Hear Jeno Making This Unusually Loud Sound In The Middle Of The Night

Some of them had no idea it was him making the sound.

After NCT Dream answered questions submitted by fans for MBC Radio, they shared extra little-known facts about their members’ habits.


One of those was Jeno‘s habit of making a particular sound late at night.

Jaemin didn’t hold back by announcing that someone chews ice cubes in the middle of the night. Turning to look Jeno dead in the face, he asked them to guess who was the culprit.

Knowing it could be no one other than himself, Jeno mimicked the sound of crunching as Jaemin named him out loud. Jisung had no clue that it had been Jeno all along and asked if it was true.

Chewing ice cubes isn’t an unusual habit, doing it in the middle of the night and loud enough for all of them to hear is just a bit out of the ordinary though. Listen to Jaemin reveal Jeno’s strangely-timed habit here.