NCT DREAM’s Jeno Calls Out The 2 Members Who Constantly Fight In Their Group Chat

He couldn’t avoid seeing them bicker 😂

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno chatted with Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine and shared funny details about their group chat, including the members who couldn’t stop bickering.

Jeno | @leejen_o_423/Instagram

At the mention of NCT DREAM’s group chat, Jeno admitted he didn’t participate in it. However, that didn’t stop the rest of the members from using it as often as possible. They sent so many messages that Jeno called it “noisy.

I can’t really keep up with their conversations. I can’t really talk, but I do read it. It’s so noisy.

— Jeno

Jeno revealed there were two members who were behind a lot of the messages. Chenle was one of them. He sent the members messages “nonstop.

The group’s maknae (youngest member) was the second. Jeno named Jisung as another member who sent a lot of messages.

The two members weren’t just making casual conversation. Jeno explained, “They always fight in the chat.” They didn’t just argue and let it go, either.

Not only do Jisung and Chenle argue often, but they also fight for “a long time.

They go on and on! They go on for a long time. I think Jisung and Chenle are the loudest members.

— Jeno

Since Chenle and Jisung are only a year apart in age, it makes sense why they’d bicker nonstop. At least the rest of the members can laugh about it.