NCT Dream’s Jeno Is The New Friend BTS’s RM Is Looking For, Here’s Why

The two might sound like a random pair, but they match up perfectly.

When thinking of NCT and BTS, there doesn’t seem to be a connection between them. At least, at first. There’s one that fans of both groups are well aware of: Jaehyun‘s friendship with his fellow 97-liner Jungkook.

Thanks to a response RM posted on Weverse, there could be another friendship between him and Jeno that’ll connect the two groups even more.

When a fan posted a set of photos of him alongside an adorable dog, it prompted RM to think about the kind of friends he’s looking forward to making. The kind he named sounded all too familiar.

RM wrote, “I want to make friends with Retrievers and Samoyeds later.” Although those are different breeds of dogs rather than people, there’s a funny connection between them and Jeno.

During NCT Dream’s previous appearance on Weekly Idol, Jaemin pointed out Jeno’s resemblance to the latter, “Jeno looks like a dog. It’s a Samoyed.”

Instead of making friends with an actual Samoyed, RM could get the best of both worlds by becoming friends with Jeno. After all, who could resist Jeno’s puppy-like cuteness?

With Jungkook and Jaehyun already being close, these two could quickly become just as close.