NCT Dream Jeno’s Puppy-Like Features Is Making People Fall In Love With Him

So handsome!

NCT Dream participated in the filming of ISAC 2020, and people can’t get over Jeno‘s puppy-like features.

Many are saying that the idol is so handsome, and since many fans have been with NCT Dream since their debut, they can vouch that Jeno has matured excellently.

Fans are saying that he has the face of a cute Samoyed puppy but a strong, well-built body like a Doberman. Get you a guy who can do both sweet and sexy like Jeno!

When he’s serious, he looks like a puppy all grown-up and ready to face the world. Just look at his muscles!

With his beagle-like visuals and sunshine aura, fans and netizens alike can’t get over Jeno’s visuals and hope to see more of it in the new year.

Source: Pann