Here Is How NCT DREAM’s Jeno Really Feels About People Confusing His Name With Jaemin’s All The Time

Even Jaemin himself was guilty of it!

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno and Jaemin‘s often have their names mistaken for each other. While chatting on Haechan Radio, the members read the story of a fan who had once mistaken Jeno’s name at a fansign event—which led to Jeno revealing how he personally feels about people constantly confusing Jaemin’s name with his.

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Haechan asked Jeno if he remembered what the fan had called him instead, and though Jeno couldn’t remember exactly, he confirmed that this is something that happens quite often.

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In fact, as Haechan pointed out, many people tend to confuse Jeno and Jaemin’s names more so than they do the other members’. Jeno even related that their choreographer sometimes accidentally refers to him as Jaemin.

According to Haechan, it’s not that surprising that people confuse them, however, as even Jaemin once hilariously mistook Jeno’s name for his own…

…which the members couldn’t help poking fun at him for, saying that he always manages to do what no one else can.

But how does Jeno feel about people getting his name wrong? Haechan suggested that he must not really mind it, since it happens so much that it’s not really personal.

And Jeno seems to agree. In fact, not only did he say that it’s okay to get his name wrong, he also said, “When someone says ‘Jaemin,’ I will keep my ears alert just in case it’s me.”

After all, these two besties are sometimes so alike that everyone else can be forgiven for mistaking them every once in a while!

If you’re interested in watching the full clip from Haechan Radio, you can do so on the link below.