NCT DREAM’s Jeno Can’t Forget The “Impressive” Birthday Dish Renjun Cooked For Him

It was the “most impressive thing” Renjun did for him.

On the latest episode of NCT DREAM‘s Dream VS Dream, Renjun and Jeno paired up to test how much they knew each other. Along the way, Jeno revealed the kindest thing Renjun did for him on his birthday.

Renjun | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Out of the questions Renjun prepared, one of them asked Jeno for the “most impressive thing” Renjun did for him on his birthday.

Jeno knew the exact answer Renjun was looking for. Jeno answered, “Laver seaweed soup,” referring to Chinese-roasted seaweed soup.

Renjun was thoroughly shocked that Jeno figured it out so quickly, his face saying it all. It had been special because Renjun “didn’t know how to make seaweed soup” at the time but did his best.

It turned out successful, with Jeno saying “it was really good.” Renjun then surprised Jeno by agreeing to make it again for him, especially since seaweed soup was one of Jeno’s favorites.

Between Renjun cooking one of Jeno’s favorite foods and not even knowing how to, it shows just how much they care about each other.

Jeno | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

See the two talk about Renjun’s kind act that Jeno can’t forget.