NCT Dream’s Jeno Reveals How He And Jaemin Were Caught Sneaking Out As Trainees

As soon as Jaemin sensed danger, he left Jeno to fend for himself πŸ˜‚

In the hilarious third episode of NCT Dream‘s Haechan‘s radio show 37.5MHz, a play on his self-proclaimed 37.5% viewers rating, they decided to share some stories from their past.

Jumping on the opportunity, Jeno spilled the tea on how he and Jaemin had been caught sneaking out red-handed by anΒ SM Entertainment staff member.

Jeno admitted it was his first time sharing the story on-air, explaining why they’d had had to sneak out to do it. “I’ve never said this in any broadcasts before. But, when we were trainees, we had to get permission even for going to a convenience store.”

Since they were young and didn’t want to bother with following rules, Jeno and Jaemin decided to break them. They went out on their own, “So, since we found that so troublesome. One time, we went there secretly without saying anything.”

Just from listening, Renjun knew something was going to go down with the rest of the story, already saying, “Oh my, oh my.”

While other idols have admitted to sneaking out to hang out with friends or to get some fresh air, Jaemin and Jeno took the risk for some ice cream. Upon hearing that, the rest of them were cracking up, especially Haechan. “After we ate ice cream, and on our way back…”

Jeno didn’t even get to finish his sweet treat, thanks to what happened next.

As they were returning to the SM Entertainment building, they ran into the last person they wanted to see. It caused Jeno to get rid of the evidence of his ice cream, “We met a staff [member] of our company. So, I threw away the ice cream I was eating.”

He slid right into the role of an innocent child, looking as if he hadn’t been doing anything wrong.Β  “Right beside me, I threw it right beside me. Then, I pretended that I didn’t do it and looked around.” That’s when he noticed something was indeed wrong.

Looking out for only himself, Jaemin had completely ditched Jeno. With the funniest face of betrayal, Jeno stated, “But, there was no Jaemin around.”

Renjun was shook, wanting to know what had happened. Jeno continued, “He ran away.”

That had everyone cracking up. Jaemin was chuckling at his own foolishness while Haechan couldn’t stop clapping his hands. Jeno pointed out, “There was no friendship.”

If you’ve ever wanted to know what the NCT Dream members were caught sneaking out for, it was only for some tasty ice cream—that Jeno couldn’t finish eating.

See them laugh about unexpectedly running into the staff member, along with Jaemin’s disappearing act.