NCT DREAM’s Jeno Reveals The Most Memorable Birthday Gift He Has Received— And His Answer Is Hilarious

It’s certainly a unique gift…

In a Q&A video with Lazada Malaysia, NCT DREAM shared the best birthday presents they have received from reach other, and Jeno‘s answer was surprising and hilarious.

| leejenos/Tumblr

While the other members shared heartwarming gifts like watches and game consoles, Jeno revealed an unexpected gift that made everyone laugh. Jeno shared that while he has received many gifts, a “very unique one comes to mind” that he received from Jisung: a roll of tissue paper. Jeno laughed and shared that Jisung had said “Happy birthday hyung!” while giving it to him.

| Lazada Malaysia/YouTube

It’s certainly an unforgettable gift, that’s for sure. Watch the rest of the video below!