NCT DREAM’s Jeno Teaches His Members How To Smile Like Him And The Results Are Adorable

The rest of the members tried their best, to varying degrees of success.

NCT DREAM have moved from a cafe that sells love potions onto a different business endeavor: a restaurant that sells hot sauce.


The boys are approaching their new restaurant with as much seriousness as they can muster, from massaging each others shoulders to practicing their smiles. And who better to teach them how to smile than their eye-smile prince Jeno?

Jeno’s instructions were quite clear and simple: “You have to make sure your eyes are closed.”

The members gave it their best shot, to varying degrees of success.

Chenle | NCT DREAM/YouTube

Chenle clearly understood the assignment, and was perhaps the closest to Jeno’s signature smile. Renjun and Jisung are honorable mentions, although their faces looked more restful and at ease rather as opposed to smiley.

Renjun (left) and Jisung (right) | NCT DREAM/YouTube

Mark on the other hand made an…attempt. It’s okay Mark, your bubbly open-mouthed smile is just as precious as Jeno’s eye-smile!

Mark | NCTDREAM/YouTube

Haechan was obviously trying his best to replicate Jeno’s infamous smile down to the little details, using his fingers to try and curve his eyes like Jeno’s. Meanwhile, Jaemin did not understand the assignment and rather smiled with his eyes completely open.

Haechan (left) and Jaemin right) | NCT DREAM/YouTube

If we learned anything from this quick lesson from Jeno, it’s that he will forever hold the title of best eye-smile.

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