NCT DREAM’s Jeno Took Sungchan Out Bike Riding And We’re In Love With This Wholesome Friendship

Sungchan is Jeno’s most recent “victim” for his bike riding hobby! πŸ˜†

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno is big on bike riding, and has previously uploaded content of him riding his bike alone, and once even with Jaemin. But now it looks like he has acquired a new bike riding buddy: Sungchan.

Sungchan | NCT/YouTube

During a recent vlog, Sungchan revealed that Jeno had invited him on a bike ride.

The two had biked around for an hour and a half, and while Jeno was in good shape since he frequently rides his bike, Sungchan was tired.

But even so, Sungchan wished to go bike riding around the Han River again in the future!

It’s so heartwarming to see NCT’s newest member hang out with the other members, especially since he is not in a fixed unit as of yet!

Source: Feature Image (1) and (2) and Vlog