NCT Dream’s Jeno Treated Fans By Flashing Haechan’s Tummy

The problem was… Haechan wasn’t in on it.

At the start of NCT Dream‘s The Dream Show tour, Jeno had fans doing a double-take and reaching for water. During “BOOM”, he’d ripped open his shirt and revealed his abs.

During their recent stop in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jeno decided to give fans another type of treat.

When Haechan stepped closer and reached for the bottom of Jaemin‘s shirt, ready to lift it up, Jeno wasn’t having it at all. He was already moving behind Haechan, gripping the bottom of his shirt instead.

Before Haechan could do anything else, Jeno quickly pulled up Haechan’s shirt to reveal his tummy. He hadn’t been ready at all, jumping away so that his shirt would fall back into place. Renjun and Jisung smiled while watching the whole thing.

All it took was that quick moment for fans to snap photos of his “soft” tummy, proving every idol doesn’t have to be chiseled and super muscular.

Squaring his hands up in the air, Haechan was more than ready to take Jeno on for an attack, though. He even kicked his leg to show how caught off guard he’d been. Chenle watched as he was being overly dramatic.

In the end, he learned his lesson and was ready for another sneak attack, in case Jeno wanted to give it another go. Haechan grabbed his shirt, pulling it tight around his body.

To make sure there would be no more mishaps, Haechan pulled his shirt even tighter on one side, balling up the fabric and holding it in his hand.

He wasn’t allowing himself to get caught off guard another time. Once was more than enough for him.

NCTzens have been wanting to catch a glimpse of Haechan’s tummy for a while. Thanks to his failed plan and Jeno’s spur of the moment one, that wish came true. Watch it all unfold below.