NCT DREAM’s Jeno Reveals Why He Won’t Get Any Tattoos

The other NCT members proved his point with their tattoos.

With other NCT members such as Ten and Taeyong showing off their many tattoos, fans wondered if NCT DREAM‘s Jeno would be the next member to sport some permanent ink. Here’s how he felt about getting tattooed.


During a fan signing, one lucky NCTzen asked Jeno if he thought of getting tattoos. Jeno confirmed he did, “I do.” There was a catch, though.

When Jeno tested out temporary ones for the group’s “Hello Future” promotions, he encountered a problem. He said, “But when I used the sticker tattoos, I ended up wanting to stick more and more of them on.

Already seeing how obsessed he could get with wanting more, Jeno made a decision. He added, “So, I thought it’s best that I don’t get tattoos.

Since Taeyong and Ten keep adding new tattoos to their collections, Jeno’s worries are indeed valid.

Although Jeno won’t get any tattoos any time soon, Jeno could bring his “Hello Future” look to life in the future if he ever gives in.

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Source: Twitter