NCT Dream’s Jisung Accidentally Found A New Use For Their Lightstick

Once he realized, he was all laughs.

Anything can happen during a concert since it’s happening live. With a crowd of fans before them to interact with, that makes funny incidents even more likely to happen.

The same happened to NCT Dream‘s Jisung during one of their recent The Dream Show concerts, discovering a new use for their lightstick.

During their performance of “Beautiful Time”, nothing was out of the ordinary, at least from the start. After playing around with Chenle, who repeatedly poked him with a lightstick, Jisung then sang into his microphone when it was his turn.

It was after interacting with fans that things took an ever cuter turn. After waving his lightstick from side to side alongside fans, Jisung had become a little confused. With both of his hands full, he’d forgotten which one held his microphone.

When it was yet again time to sing his lines, Jisung held up his lightstick and sang right into it. Most likely not hearing his own voice through his earpiece, he instantly realized the funny mistake he’d made.

He looked down at the lightstick, not stopping himself from bending forward and laughing at his own cute mistake. By then, there was no need to try and sing the line. It was already Chenle’s turn.

Jisung did catch on quickly, though. He made sure to have the microphone rather than the lightstick ready for his next lines.

Although Jisung may not think he’s good at being cute, this mistake of switching up his microphone and chunky lightstick only proves him wrong.

Not only can NCTzens use their lightsticks to cheer on the group, but they can also use them as their own personal microphones. Watch Jisung make the funny switcheroo here.