NCT Dream Jisung’s Acting Role Resurfaces For His Co-Star Who’s Now A Rookie Idol

Jisung wasn’t the only child actor in that drama to become an idol.

Within NCT DreamJisung is known as a standout dancer and the group’s deep-voiced maknae. Before the group’s debut, he was known for something much different. He was once a child actor, starring in movies such as Go, Stop, Murder and Boys, Be Curious.

Jisung also made appearances on television shows and dramas, one of which has resurfaced because of his co-star who has now become an idol.

In 2011, Jisung played a role in the historical drama Tree With Deep Roots, starring notable actor Jang Hyuk and actress Shin Se Kyung, along with others like Song Joong Ki. Of the many actors that appeared on the show, fans spotted Jisung in a scene.

With him on the left, there was another child actor beside him on the right, both holding a message. Although many didn’t know who the second child actor was, the mystery has finally been solved.

| @vitawonjin/Twitter

That child actor grew up to be an idol as well. After participating in Produce X 101, ranking at number sixteen in the finale, Wonjin made his debut this year through Starship Entertainment‘s newest boy group CRAVITY. He’s showing off his many talents as the group’s lead dancer and lead vocalist.

Since Wonjin was born in 2001 and Jisung only a year later in 2002, the two could’ve become friends on the set of Tree With Deep Roots. In fact, they could’ve been friends in the nine years since its airing.

Although fans wouldn’t mind seeing a cute interaction between them now in 2020, everyone will just have to wait and see.