NCT Dream’s Jisung Breaking His Braces Is Relatable AF

At that moment, Jisung knew he shouldn’t have eaten it.

In episode fifteen of Chenji’s This And That, NCT Dream‘s Jisung and Chenle tried candy from the 1990s. There was one neither of them had tried before.


Jisung eagerly ripped the package open and popped one into his mouth, not caring that he can’t eat specific types of candy with braces on.

At first, he didn’t seem to like the taste but suddenly became surprised as he kept chewing it. That was the first sign something was about to go wrong, all while Chenle entertained himself by watching Jisung’s reactions.

Jisung suddenly stopped chewing on the candy and exclaimed, “My braces got broken.” Anyone who wore braces can imagine what he was feeling at that moment. With braces, it can be easy to break them like accidentally popping them off or loosening the wire.

Like the maknae he is, Jisung dug into the rest of the candy because the damage was already done. Watch Jisung realize he’d be in a little bit of trouble with his orthodontist here.