NCT DREAM’s Jisung Exposes The Member Who’s Scariest When They’re Mad

It’s the member you’d least expect.

When NCT DREAM sat down for a speed quiz with Shopee Thailand, they shared some fun facts about each other, even teasing the member who became a different person when mad.

Jisung | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Though Haechan teasingly said, “I’m terrified when Mark scolds me,” there was a bit of truth to their inside joke.

Making the conversation serious, Jisung spoke up about how laidback Mark typically is. He said, “Mark is not a person who usually gets mad.

Mark agreed, “I’m not that kind of person.” Still, that didn’t mean he was immune.

Jisung revealed how serious something had to be for Mark to express frustration. Jisung continued, “If he is very angry, it will be very scary.

For someone who’s always smiling and playing around to suddenly become angry would indeed be just as scary as Jisung says. Fortunately, it happens so rarely that Mark can keep being worry-free.

Mark | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Watch the members tease Mark about jokingly scolding them.