NCT’s Jisung Wouldn’t Choose Haechan To Travel With Him For This Important Reason

Jaemin couldn’t agree more.

A fan-submitted question asked NCT Dream who they would choose to take traveling with them if given unlimited funds.


When it was Jisung‘s turn to choose, he had two choices for the role, initially three before deciding against including Haechan. Although he’d already narrowed it down, he explained why.

Jisung told Jaemin and Jeno he wouldn’t have to worry about food while traveling with Haechan. It was for an entirely different reason.

In emergencies, Jisung was worried that Haechan would leave him and go, which caused instant laughter from the others.

It was made funnier by the fact that Jaemin agreed with his accurate conclusion. Even Renjun had to congratulate their maknae for knowing what to expect of Haechan in real-life situations.

Now you know how to look at the real world.

Everyone has their flaws. Watch Jisung, Jaemin, and Renjun hilariously expose Haechan’s here.