NCT Dream’s Jisung Is Turning Into An Oppa And NCTzens Are Not Ready For It At All

The baby of the group is baby no more!

NCT Dream recently held a successful concert with their fans, but NCTzens were in for a surprise by one particular member!

Jisung had everyone’s heads turning by his sudden glammed up growth spurt!

Jisung came on stage in a simple black tee and jeans, and his round glasses, but his image looked completely different!

Jisung was all grown up! Just a couple of years ago, Jisung debuted with NCT Dream as the youngest of all NCT members!

He was just a little ball of cuteness with his adorable mushroom hair and petite figure!

But what happened?! The baby is no longer a baby anymore! NCTzens freaked out about Jisung’s sudden status change from baby to oppa!

“Our baby oppa”

“Age is just a number, and I honestly don’t care, so… Jisung oppa”

“His full name is Jisung Oppa”

“He grew up so well… He looks like an oppa now”

— K-Fans

Jisung exploded in height as his body frame filled out into not the Little Prince but a Prince Charming!

What kind of baby has shoulder this wide as the sea?!

But all NCTzens can agree that no matter how much Jisung grows up, he will always be a baby prince in their eyes!

But let’s be real… Look at this stunning man!

Jisung will never be an oppa… except at times when he pulls something like this on NCTzens!

Source: Nate Pann