NCT Dream Jisung’s Reaction To A Fan’s Age Is Absolutely Priceless

He didn’t know what to think.

Since the members of NCT Dream are always quick with witty comebacks and pranks to play on each other, fans wanted them to take a moment to be serious.

They showered them with all the compliments they deserve. When Jisung read one of his, it took a humorous turn from his reaction to a fan’s age.

Every member received a few compliments each, selected from the many submitted by NCTzens. Jisung’s first one started as you’d expect, praising and encouraging him so thoroughly that he became embarrassed from the sweet words.

Jisung, every time I watch you perform, it’s like watching the main character in a manga! You’re always ‘leveling up’ and getting better. You’re so handsome and affectionate, and cute. Stanning you is the most fun thing in the world!

The second one made him pause. While the beginning had him following along, he was lost in the second half, “Jisung, seriously, why do you dance so well? In all my 68 years of life–” As soon as he read the fan’s age, he couldn’t believe it.

Making the staff laugh, Jisung took a long moment to stop reading and think it over in his head. He wasn’t the only member surprised. One of them even yelled, “Huh?

When he was ready, Jisung turned his head in the funniest way to show his shock and finished reading the comment.

He laughed it off, “I can confidently say you’re the best dancer I’ve ever seen. And your love for NCTzens is amazing. Your comments and pictures make every day fun and interesting. The only words I can think of to say are, ‘I love you!’

Although anyone over sixty wouldn’t be considered NCT Dream’s target audience, that doesn’t mean there aren’t older fans who enjoy the boys just as much.

On top of Jisung’s hilarious reaction, the fact that no one knows for sure if the fan had given their real age is equally as funny. Who doesn’t love to exaggerate a little to make their message sound more impactful?

See Jisung’s reaction to their wide age range of fans—or a funny NCTzen who couldn’t resist exaggerating to show their love for him.