NCT DREAM’s Jisung Shares The Story Of When He Caught Renjun Dancing Alone In His Room

Jisung even recorded it!

NCT DREAM‘s Jisung shared a story of when he caught Renjun dancing alone in his room during episode five of “Haechan Radio”.

| NCT/YouTube

Jisung shares that back in 2017 or 2018, he had seen Renjun dancing in his room through a crack in the door. He even recorded it!

Renjun reveals that he was simply reviewing the dance that they had learned earlier that day by watching his reflection in the window.

Jeno spoke up saying he didn’t find it too weird, as he likes to practice dancing right before he sleeps so he can better remember the choreography. Jisung then cutely explained himself by praising Renjun, commenting on his passionate practicing and saying he “thought it was very cool and was proud of him for it.” Haechan also admitted that he dances in the dorm as well, right before he showers.

Seems like their dorm is constantly filled with people dancing!

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