NCT Dream’s Jisung Worrying About Fans Will Warm Your Heart

He didn’t want them to have a hard time.

Awards shows can be long and tiring, for idols as well as for fans. Taking into account how often they happen at the end of the year, it can be even tougher.


During one of the many, the actions of NCT Dream‘s Jisung had fans gushing over how caring and thoughtful he is.

After tearing his attention away from the stage, Jisung had something else more important to focus on. He turned towards fans and began to gesture to the top of his arm.

With a smile, he then moved his hand away and dramatically lowered it. Jisung had been signaling NCTzens to lower whatever they were holding, particularly their cameras. He realized that their arms would hurt after holding them up so long and only wanted them to take a break.

To make sure they understood his silent message, he held the top of his arm one more time, squeezing it as if it hurt. After expressing his worry about fans, he turned back his attention to the stage.

The fact that Jisung had noticed what fans were doing and cared enough to warn them to rest shows just how much he cares for them. Fans can often forget about themselves. It takes a caring idol to remind them they should be a priority as well.


See Jisung use a little of his time to worry about fans and make sure they were taking care of themselves.