NCT Dream’s Maknae Jisung Reveals His Thoughts On Soon Becoming An Adult

According to him, the adult Jisung won’t be as different as you’d expect.

At the time that NCT Dream debuted back in 2016, they were all a bunch of adorable young children. Their small heights, paired with their bright smiles, made them all the more endearing.

As the years went on, fans were able to see them grow into young men, particularly the youngest member Jisung. Since he’s the last to reach adulthood within the group, the topic came up during a conversation with Chenle.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Being his dramatic self, Chenle expressed sadness at feeling himself grow older, from the young age of nineteen to the still young age of twenty. It reminded Jisung that he would be joining him in being an adult soon, “There are less than six months left until I’m legally an adult. You’re an adult.

If Jisung couldn’t believe Chenle was no longer a child, he wasn’t ready to imagine it for himself. “It makes no sense. I can’t believe it either.” Chenle had an idea of what he’d be like in a few months, though.

From his perspective, there was no way Jisung would shed his disobedient ways of not listening to his hyungs, “I think you’ll be just as cheeky even as an adult.” Jisung couldn’t disagree. The only significant change he expects is to look a bit older, “I’ll be the same, just a little more mature. Including my appearance.

Though his mindset may become a bit more mature along with his appearance, he wouldn’t change, “I’ll act like a kid.” Chenle was already imagining how much Jisung would still get on his nerves, “Even when you’re an adult, you’ll make me want to punch you.

Knowing him far too well, Jisung laughed and agreed, “I probably will. Right.

Although seeing Jisung join the rest of the group in becoming an adult will be emotional for fans, he’ll still be the same kid.

See him and Chenle bicker about how they’ll still annoy each other no matter what age, beginning from 19:18.