NCT DREAM’s Mark Had To Film With A Little Girl And Their Interaction Is So Wholesome

The way he asked her questions to make her feel comfortable was so sweet!

NCT DREAM‘s Mark had a few acting roles for their Hot Sauce comeback, one of which involved a little girl, and their interaction was so cute.


Mark had to film a scene for their Comeback Show VCR, and it required him to reach for the last bottle of hot sauce in the grocery store only to have it be taken from his grasp by a little girl. While they initially seemed a bit awkward, it wasn’t long before they started laughing with each other.

Mark has a naturally easygoing aura, and he did his best to make the girl comfortable by talking to her and asking questions in between takes.

They eventually got the perfect take, with their wholesome behind-the-scenes interaction ending on a happy high-five.

Their interaction was so sweet!

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