NCT DREAM’s Mark Kept A Custom Gift From Jaemin From Three Years Ago— And Still Wears It To This Day

Even Jaemin was surprised!

NCTzens are soft after finding out in the “Hot Sauce” recording behind the scenes that Mark kept a custom gift he received from Jaemin three years ago— and still wears it to this day.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Three years ago, Jaemin revealed in a live broadcast that he gifted Mark custom shoes for his birthday. In the behind the scenes video, even Jaemin seemed surprised that Mark still had them, let alone wore them.

And they aren’t just any normal shoe, they had Mark’s name written on it, a fact that even Jaemin seemed to forget due to how long ago it was.

We can’t help but be soft at how Mark kept Jaemin’s gift for this long!

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