NCT DREAM’s Mark Once Got Flustered By Something A Fan Said, And Jisung Had To Explain What They Meant

Mark is just too pure!

During a recent live broadcast, NCT DREAM‘s Mark and Jisung talked about a fan sign they did, and the common requests they receive from fans.

Jisung (left) and Mark (right) | @NCT_smtown/Twitter

They often get requests to sing songs, and both boys agreed that they need to find some more song options to sing the next time they get asked. But one question Mark received confused him, and he just had to share it with Jisung.

Mark was shook that Jisung seemed to know what he was talking about when he himself didn’t know what the fan was saying. Jisung had to explain that the fan was setting him up to create a cute poem, perhaps something starting with “Will you marry me?”

Jisung found it funny how Mark was surprised he knew, and found it adorable how Mark seemed clueless to what the fan wanted.

Looks like the maknae is better than the eldest in the flirting department!

Source: VLIVE