Here Is What NCT DREAM’s Mark Was Known For Since His Trainee Days, According To His Members

Mark has one special trait that defines him.

NCT DREAM‘s Mark is the member who has changed the least since they were trainees, according to Jaemin. Talking with MBC Radio, the members revealed Mark has been known for the same special trait since his trainee days.

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With Glitch Mode finally out, NCT DREAM are now beginning promotions for their second full-length album. While at MBC Radio, the members discussed their new comeback, their favorite songs on the album, and their longtime friendship, among other things.

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Seeing as the members have all known each other since childhood, they have seen each other grow and change as people. Sometimes, however, there is that one person in a group that doesn’t seem to change. The MC asked the members, “Who is the member who hasn’t changed since debut?

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Jaemin had a clear answer. He named Mark as the most unchanging member, but not just for any reason! According to Jaemin, Mark has always been the most hardworking person he’s ever known, and that is something that has remained constant since they were trainees.

The most dedicated member who never changes is Mark Lee, who is sitting in front of me. Mark is the most unchanging person among all the people I’ve known. He has been practicing nonstop since he was a trainee.

— Jaemin

Jisung jumped in to agree with him, adding that “[Mark] has been known for being the most hardworking since trainee days.” When the MC asked them if Mark was still like that, both Jisung and Jaemin immediately confirmed he is.

Mark himself commented that, in fact, Jaemin often tells him to stop practicing, saying “Jaemin will stay beside me and will tell me to stop practicing.”

Seeing all the units and projects that Mark is involved in, there is no doubt that Mark really is one of the most hardworking artists, which is something that NCTzens always make sure to appreciate.

And so do his members! Jaemin and the others probably know better than anyone just how much Mark does, which is why Jisung also made sure to give Mark a special shout-out in his ‘thank you’ message. Jisung was grateful to Mark for putting in so much effort into the making of the album and for coordinating with the company and being the voice for the members’ opinions.

Thankfully, it seems like Mark’s efforts are paying off, as this comeback is already breaking NCT DREAM’s personal records that were set by last year’s Hot Sauce. As the members begin promotions, they will hopefully get to see even more success headed their way!

If you haven’t seen “Glitch Mode,” you can check it out on the link below.

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