NCT DREAM’s Mark Lee Believes The Success Of “Hot Sauce” Was Thanks To Luck, But Here Is The Good Reason Why NCTzens Disagree

Mark and the members have more than earned their success.

In new short clip 2nd KICK-OFF MEETING, NCT DREAM‘s Mark Lee said that he feels like the success of the group’s first full-length album Hot Sauce was due to luck and the tremendous support of fans—though NCTzens believe that much, if not most, of the credit belongs to the hard work that he and the members of NCT DREAM put in to it!

The video shows the members discussing their thoughts for their next album, Glitch Mode, which SM Entertainment has confirmed will be dropping on March 28. In it, Mark says that Hot Sauce received a lot of love, but from his perspective they were very lucky with it too.


He then goes on to say that the new album “will be an album that shows whether we deserved all that luck that we received.”

He is confident that they can do that, and Jeno agrees, adding that, “We’ll have to be able to say, ‘look what the seven of us can do’.

Since the video was released, NCTzens have come forward to say that while the album did receive a lot of fan support, its success had less to do with luck and more to do with the endless hard work that the members put in.

In fact, many have pointed out that Mark himself may just be the most hardworking person ever, particularly considering how many responsibilities he has as member of both NCT DREAM and NCT 127. When fans took a closer look at his schedule for January of this year, it seems like he didn’t even have time to rest in between intense schedules such as shooting for Glitch Mode, shooting the music video for his solo song “Child,” and performing at NCT 127’s concert. Mark works hard indeed!

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And even so, he still always defers to fans, thanking them for everything and promising to work harder.

Now, he is encouraging his members to give this new album their very best…

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…with the whole group promising that they will put their all into it.

But fans are hoping that the members are conscious that all that work means they have truly earned their success. Glitch Mode is already selling faster than Hot Sauce did, but it’s not just because of luck!

Mark and all the members have consistently given their best, so NCTzens hope that the members themselves remember that they truly deserve the success they have had so far and will have in the future. And if not, then NCTzens will be there to remind them!

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You can watch the full clip of NCT DREAM’s meeting on the link below.