NCT’s Mark Reveals His Feelings Being Back In NCT DREAM After SM Entertainment Removed The Groups’ Graduation Concept


NCT DREAM recently sat down with Teen Vogue and spoke about how they felt returning as a full group, including member Mark.

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The release of NCT DREAM’s album Hot Sauce not only marked their first full-length album release but also the first comeback together after their agency scrapped their initial concept of members graduating.

During the interview, Mark couldn’t hide how big an opportunity it felt for him. After graduating in 2018, Mark is back as a member of the group!

To be able to be part of our first full-length album, I felt like I was lucking [out]. It all comes with the timing and everything. From all angles, I felt like the world helped out on this, and that our fans helped out a lot too.

— Mark

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Instagram

When SM Entertainment created NCT DREAM, they wanted the group to be a rotational unit. Once the members turned 20 years old, they would “graduate,” and new members would be added.

It wasn’t only Mark that seemed thankful for the change. During the interview, Teen Vogue wrote that Haechan grabbed Mark’s hand and dramatically declared, “Mark, you are very special. NCT Dream means Mark.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Instagram

NCTzens couldn’t be more delighted at the decision, and they can feel safe knowing that the NCT DREAM they know won’t be changing any time soon.

Make sure to watch the groups’ new video below.

Source: Teen Vogue and FI