The Two NCT DREAM Members Jaemin Loves Taking Pictures Of Most

He had more than one member he loved taking photos of.

Thanks to his interest in photography, NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin has become the resident photographer for the group. He’s always snapping photos of his members.

Or Jaemin’s pulling out his professional camera and snapping candid photos of the scenery around him.

| @nct/Instagram

When Jaemin sat down with WWD KOREA to discuss his photography, he acknowledged how much NCTzens enjoy his photos of the members and are “always waiting for them.

Since he takes so many photos of the members, he didn’t have to think hard when choosing who he loved to photograph the most. Jaemin chose Renjun but also had another member in mind.

Instead of sticking with just one member, Jaemin said he also enjoyed taking pictures of Jeno.

No wonder Jaemin couldn’t pass up the chance to snap photos of Renjun when they had a few spare moments during their photoshoot.

Check out Jaemin sharing how much he enjoyed using the two as subjects for his photographs.