You Won’t Believe What NCT Dream Members Are Planning To Do Once Everyone Turns 20 Years Old

Boys will be boys…

NCT Dream shared the group’s bizarre plan of celebration once all members turn 20 years old, which is the legal age in Korea.

On KBS CoolFM radio show Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show, NCT Dream was asked if there is anything they want to do once they turn 20 years old.

The Youngest member Jisung said, “There’s something we’ve all promised each other we’d do.”

He continued, “We have about 2 years before everyone becomes an adult. Two years from now, we’ll be wearing suits on a rainy day and going up to a rooftop to fight.”

When Moon Hee Jun confirmed, “That’s something you really want to do?”, members added, “We always talked about wanting to follow the scene in the movies. It’s one of our fascinations.”

Moon Hee Jun suggested instead of fighting each other, the members should scream “I’m an adult now!” to celebrate.

This is not the only time NCT Dream members shared this plan. Jeno and Renjun talked about the plan on SBS Radio’s NCT Night Night with Jaehyun and Jonny.

Fans would have to wait until the year 2021 to find out if the member will carry out this plan.

Source: The Celuv


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