NCT DREAM’s Reaction To Being Mistaken For NCT 127 Is Absolutely Priceless

All of their reactions were equally funny 😂

Between NCT‘s rotating units and fixed groups, their concept can be a bit confusing. But when a host mistook NCT DREAM for NCT 127, their reactions were forever memorable.

NCT’s Renjun, Doyoung, Chenle, and Jungwoo. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

On the Japanese special of Immortal Songs, NCT DREAM tore up the stage with their cover performance of BoA‘s iconic hit “No.1”. Though they gained attention for their vocals, one moment is still amusing fans.

Because they were in Japan, the host decided to put the spotlight on NCT 127’s Japan tour at the time, NEO CITY: JAPAN – The Origin. There was one mishap. Instead of attributing the tour to NCT 127, the host said it was NCT DREAM’s.

The members hadn’t expected the mix-up and reacted immediately. Jeno gasped, Jisung‘s mouth dropped open, and Jaemin‘s eyes widened as he comically turned his head. They weren’t the only ones shocked.

| @GiffyCandy/Twitter

When the camera panned to the other members, their reactions amused fans as well. While Chenle tried to remain the most straight-faced, Renjun‘s open-mouthed look of confusion said it all.

| @GiffyCandy/Twitter

Although the mistake initially shocked the members, they remained professional by later playing it off.

NCT DREAM | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Now the moment can be one that both NCTzens and the members can look back on and have a laugh at.


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