NCT Dream Has A New Honorary Member And His Name Is HRVY

They’ll be seven with Haechan’s return.

British singer HRVY collaborated with NCT Dream for their SM Station song “Don’t Need Your Love”. He learned choreography for the song and even formed a friendship with the members.

Since they’re similar in age, they were able to dance and teach each other comfortably.

They were able to speak naturally, like Jaemin telling HRVY he’s handsome and HRVY insisting that Jaemin was handsome as well.

HRVY even invited them to visit him whenever they came to the U.K. so they could sing and dance together.

HRVY now has an idea of what it takes to be part of a group, and the friendship is there. Check out NCT Dream hanging out with their new friend, and possible seventh member, HRVY here.