NCT DREAM Once Picked The SM Entertainment Artists Whose Lifestyle They Most Wanted — And Their Choices Say A Lot About Their Personalities

These are the SM artists whose lifestyle NCT DREAM vibe with.

The members of NCT DREAM were once asked which SM Entertainment artists’ lifestyle they would most like to emulate, and their answers were very much in character for them. From Haechan‘s clear ambition to Jaemin‘s expensive taste, the artist whose lifestyle each member is interested in really says a lot about them!

The SM Entertainment artist that Haechan most wants to emulate is the boss himself, Lee Soo Man. Haechan did not give any particular reason why other than “big picture.” But that makes sense, as Haechan is definitely a ‘big picture’ kind of person with very ambitious goals. We can see him going just as far one day!

Chenle picked TVXQ‘s U-Know, saying that he admired how U-Know always did his best in everything he pursued—and Chenle is definitely someone who will always do his best to reach his goals!

Meanwhile, Jisung picked EXO‘s Baekhyun, who is also the leader of SuperM. Jisung explained that he admires Baekhyun’s ability to always get along with the people around him, so living Baekhyun’s lifestyle would help him to gain a lot of positive things. As someone with very warm and positive vibes, this is something that suits Jisung’s character.

Jaemin, on the other hand, took the question more literally and picked TVXQ’s Changmin. The reason why? Because he liked how Changmin had decorated his apartment!

Changmin’s literal living style is something that Jaemin aspires to, which is perhaps not surprising considering that how much of an expensive taste he’s got!

Jeno said he wanted to live like Super Junior‘s Donghae, seeing as he looked like him while growing up. The host pointed out that, coincidentally, Jaemin also looked like the person he had picked, Changmin, while Jeno looked like Donghae.

But it wasn’t just because of the looks for Jeno. He felt like he had quite a lot in common with Donghae, which is why he admired his lifestyle. After all, the two of them have a great friendship!

As for Renjun, he put on his confident hat and gave the most unexpected answer of all: the SM Entertainment artist whose lifestyle he wants to emulate is…himself!

He explained that, while he likes and respects all their seniors at SM Entertainment, he believes he should live his life his own way. And honestly, where is the lie?

While we didn’t get to hear Mark‘s thoughts on whose lifestyle he would like to adopt, it’s safe to say his members’ answers were very characteristic of each of them! You can watch the video on the link below.