NCT DREAM’s Questionable Menu For “Cafe 7 Dream” Has Us Laughing

Would you visit this cafe?

NCT DREAM‘s “Cafe 7 Dream” is open for business, and their menu is quite…unique.


Their first task before officially opening their “cafe” was to create the day’s special menu. Ideas ranged from kimchi stew and army stew to simply “a lot of milk.” After a brief discussion, they settled on a “Namericano”, which includes six shots of espresso, and hot sauce on the tip of the straw.

Not mention the very peculiar restrictions on their drinks, like only offering the “Full Sun Ade” as a hot drink. Oh, and you can’t order “Mark’s Watermelon Juice”. Not because they’re out of watermelon, but because their Mark isn’t okay.

You’re also out of luck if you wanted a hot “Jeno Latte”, because they only offer it lukewarm. But perhaps their new special item “cherry flavored cherry” will make things better.

Too boring? No worries, they have “cream flavored cherry” and “jelly flavored cherry” as well.

If you thought their menu items were odd, wait till you see their service. Watch the full video below!