NCT Dream’s Renjun Can’t Watch SEVENTEEN Jun’s Acting, Here’s Why

Even though they’re close friends, Renjun hasn’t seen any of Jun’s acting projects.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jun is an amazing dancer as part of the group’s performance team and distinct vocals that are far too underrated. With these skills under his belt, there’s another area where he excels: acting.

During NCT Dream‘s Renjun‘s radio show Akdong Seoul, he was asked for his opinion on his close friend’s acting skills.

Funnily enough, he hadn’t seen a single one of Jun’s acting projects. There was a particular reason why, though.

When initially asked about Jun’s acting, Renjun flexed his knowledge about how long Jun had been pursuing it. He shared, “Actually, about Jun’s acting, I knew that he’s been acting since he was young.”

He even mentioned how well he thought of Jun for acting for so long, “He’s so outstanding.” While Renjun gave a response that didn’t seem out of the ordinary, he had been avoiding referencing any of the projects because he hadn’t seen any of them.

When discussing the topic once more, Renjun admitted, “I knew he acted when he was younger, but I’ve never seen the shows he’s acted in.” He had a reason for it, though. It wasn’t because of Jun that he’d avoided doing so.

To Renjun, watching one of his friends pretending to be someone else was strange to see. “Because I find it so awkward to watch shows that your friends have acted in.”

Nonetheless, he could appreciate all of the hard work and skill it took for Jun to do all of the years of acting that he had. He couldn’t help but praise Jun, “I know he’s been acting since he was young in many advertisements. I find him so talented.”

To prove that he had some knowledge of Jun’s projects, he began to reference one, most likely the Chinese drama Intouchable. He adorably failed, claiming he would talk about it with Jun again.

I remember him acting in a horror show or movie… Oh my… I think we’ve talked about it before. After this, I have to talk to him and ask.

If that’s the case, Jun isn’t the only friend’s acting who Renjun hasn’t seen. He may not have watched any of Jaemin‘s acting either.

See Renjun explain the quirky reason why he can’t bring himself to check out Jun’s acting, or any friend’s.