NCT Dream Renjun Discovered NCT 127 Doyoung’s Real Name

“Your real name is so cute.” – Renjun

While stage names are typically eye-catching, some sound so normal they’re mistaken for idols’ real names. In NCT 127, everyone’s so familiar with the names Haechan and Jaehyun that some mistake them for their real names. Haechan’s is actually Donghyuk, while Jaehyun’s is now Yoonoh—after legally changing it.

Similarly, the name Doyoung fits so well that it’s understandable why some, like NCT Dream‘s Renjun, hadn’t known it wasn’t his real one.

In the second half of Renjun and Doyoung’s season of It’s Awkward, But It’s OK, the two completed Name Fortune Telling. In order to get closer, Haechan and Mark directed them to use their real names. Doyoung repeated Renjun’s Korean name, “Make my name Hwang Injoon.

For himself, he once again followed the request and went with his real name as well, “I’ll go with Kim Dongyoung.” By then, Renjun had caught on and was surprised to hear it, “Your real name is Kim Dongyoung. I see.” Right after the realization, they both shared a moment of perfectly-timed telepathy.

Without Haechan or Mark’s interference, Doyoung and Renjun both complimented each other on how adorable their real names were. Doyoung stood by his statement, “That was my honest opinion,” while Renjun did the same, “Your real name is so cute.

Whether he’s Doyoung onstage and Dongyoung offstage, both names suit him well. Watch him and Renjun become even closer by bonding over their real names here.