NCT Dream Renjun’s Ghost Encounter Will Give You Chills

He wasn’t the only one who saw the ghost.

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, there are sometimes incidents that are too strange to be explained with logic.

NCT Dream‘s Renjun had one of those moments when he encountered a being that could best be described as a ghost.

Since they were telling ghost stories, Renjun wanted to tell the group a real one of his own. It took place at the radio station where he records his show Akdong Seoul, “You know I host a radio show, right? You know how a lot of people see ghosts at recording studios, right?

When he came to the station, he’d headed to the recording studio to prepare before they began airing. Renjun saw someone there and thought it was the show’s producer.

He looked further inside the room to confirm it, “At this recording studio, I saw a glimpse of something there. So, I looked to check if that was the producer.

It hadn’t been who Renjun thought. Instead, it was a man seated there. He didn’t think too much of it and continued waiting outside, “But, a man was sitting in front of the computer. So I thought, ‘Oh, okay. I guess someone came,’ and kept waiting.

The person who Renjun had been expecting finally came, which prompted him to take another look inside the studio. It was suddenly empty, “Then, the producer came. So, I looked to see if anyone’s at the studio. But no one was there.

Since the studio was tiny and only had one exit, Renjun wondered how it was possible for the man to disappear into thin air.

What made it scarier was the fact that he hadn’t been the only one to see the man, “That studio is really small. It’s this big. Also, there is only one door. The writer and I saw the same guy. No one was there. That was a ghost.

Even though Haechan couldn’t understand the level of scary it was, Jisung pointed out why it was so frightening, “Right. It’s scary because it’s real.” If you saw a ghost and had it confirmed by someone seeing the exact same thing, that would send a chill down many people’s spine.

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Because he’s recording Akdong Seoul often, he’s probably reminded of it every time something unusual happens in the studio. See Renjun share the tale about his very real experience with a ghost here.