NCT DREAM’s Renjun Dropped Everything To Help Jeno During A Stage Mishap

Renjun’s caring actions had everyone loving him more 🥺

NCT DREAM‘s Renjun made everyone soft with how quickly he dropped everything to help Jeno when a mishap occurred on stage.


During one of their talk segments for the Together Again, K-POP Concert, Renjun noticed something was off when Jeno began to speak.

Although Jeno was speaking, his microphone wasn’t working properly for him to be heard. Renjun didn’t waste any time ripping off his own microphone to solve the issue.

Renjun encountered a problem of his own, though. Since their microphones are secured to keep them from falling off while performing, Renjun couldn’t seem to get it loose.

In the end, the segment was brief enough that Jeno didn’t seem to need the microphone. Still, Renjun tried his best to lend a hand.

Seeing how fast Renjun reacted and tried so hard to come to Jeno’s rescue, fans couldn’t resist how soft the moment was.


See Renjun prove he’s always looking out for his members here.