NCT DREAM’s Renjun Discovered His Manager Spoke Chinese, And His Reaction Is Priceless

All the times he thought his manager couldn’t understand him…

Since NCT DREAM‘s Renjun and Chenle‘s native language is Chinese, they have the upper hand when it comes to speaking a language only they can understand. At least, that’s what Renjun thought until he realized his manager could understand him all along.

| nct_dream/Instagram

During one of his live broadcasts, Renjun put his heart and soul into making dumplings. Though he thought they were tasty, he needed a second opinion.

After asking other staff to try it, Renjun asked his manager to taste it as well. He offered the plate to him and spoke Chinese, “Now, the third gege (older brother) will taste it.

His manager understood him perfectly and responded in Chinese, “Try the red one?” Naturally, Renjun responded in Chinese—stopping mid-sentence and freezing in place.

Renjun’s jaw dropped as his eyes hilariously darted back and forth. He asked, “You speak Chinese?

Moments later, Renjun was still shook. He said, “You can speak Chinese… Why didn’t I know that my manager speaks Chinese until now?

As if his reaction wasn’t amusing enough, fans had a laugh for all the times Renjun asked Chenle about their schedules in Chinese so he wouldn’t get scolded for forgetting.

The funniest part was that his manager didn’t reveal it sooner—if he ever was. Check out Renjun’s hilarious reaction that’s still cracking up fans.