NCT DREAM’s Renjun Makes His Members Laugh With His Unexpected Reason For Having Short Hair

And where is the lie?

NCT DREAM‘s Renjun is the only member of the group to sport short hair instead of bangs this comeback. And when he was asked why, he had the best (and most unexpected) answer!

Renjun | @yellow_3to3/Instagram

NCT DREAM made a guest appearance on the comedy YouTube channel “Halmyungsoo,” where the members had plenty of laughs thanks to both comedian Park Myung Soo and their own hilarious banter.

NCT Dream with the cast of “Halmyungsoo” | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

While all the members got teased (or did some teasing of their own), Renjun took everyone by surprise when he was asked why he was the only member who did not wear bangs. Park Myung Soo pointed out, “Why is your forehead out?”

| 할명수/YouTube 

Renjun did not hesitate to answer, immediately claiming, “I have a pretty forehead!”

| 할명수/YouTube 

As soon as everyone processed what he said, the whole room burst into laughter, while Renjun hilariously put his head down in slight embarrassment. The members and the hosts were all generously sprayed with water, as that was the penalty for laughing. But of course, they couldn’t help it after Renjun’s comment!

| 할명수/YouTube 

Once everyone was done laughing, Park Myung Soo admitted that, in fact, Renjun wasn’t wrong. He and everyone in the room say affirmed that Renjun’s forehead is pretty…

| 할명수/YouTube 

…and even though it’s true, Renjun’s answer was so unexpected that fans can’t help pointing out how it made the members react.

In fact, the clip has turned out to be one of the most replayed parts of the whole episode!

If you’d like to see it in full you can do so on the link below.