NCT Dream’s Renjun Powers Through Performance, All While Bleeding

A little blood never stops Renjun.

Almost a year ago, NCT Dream‘s Renjun pulled off a performance of “We Go Up” while suffering from a nosebleed. He’d covered it so flawlessly that barely anyone had noticed until he spoke up about the moment.


This time, he tried to pull it off during their first solo concert, The Dream Show.

After Renjun had returned from backstage, he looked quite a bit different. NCTzens noticed one of his eyebrows was darker than the other: it was bleeding.

Fans were immediately worried about what had happened. Later on, Renjun gave an explanation for it.

When changing clothes, he’d accidentally cut his eyebrow. He didn’t want to postpone the concert stages by getting it treated and instead powered through it.

Luckily, he was able to get it bandaged when there was time to do so. It seems like nothing can stop Renjun, especially a little blood.