NCT DREAM Renjun’s Reaction To Someone Cursing At Jisung Proves He’s The Most Protective Older Brother

Renjun is always ready to protect his members!

In the latest episode of NCT DREAM‘s 7llin’ in our Youth, Jeno and Jisung gave an update on the progress Jisung has been making on learning to ride a bike. They revealed that Jisung had an unpleasant incident with a stranger while out biking with Jeno, and Renjun had the most relatable reaction to finding out about it!

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Fans have been curious about Jisung’s progress ever since Jaemin sent a video of him learning to ride a bike last year. The adorable video showed Jisung struggling a little to get going on the bike, while Jaemin filmed the whole thing.

A year later, as the members ate together in episode 4 of 7llin’ in our Youth, Jeno explained that it took a while for Jisung get the hang of biking…

But the reason for that, according to Jisung, was because he felt intimidated after someone cursed at him when he was out biking with Jeno.

Hearing that this had happened, Renjun immediately reacted with a strongly concerned “Who cursed at you?

Jisung explained what had happened, with Jeno confirming that he’d felt quite hurt after he was cursed at. But Jeno also said that he’d told Jisung not to take it too personally, as Jisung had been wobbling so much that anyone behind him would have gotten frustrated! The members couldn’t help laughing at that.

Fans have pointed out that while Renjun’s reaction has the most wholesome protective older brother vibes…

…this is actually nothing new from Renjun, who’s been a protective older brother to Jisung from the beginning!

Renju’s Dear U. Bubble update | @ROLO0323/Twitter

While all the members always show concern for the maknae, they all do so in their own ways. Renjun in particular never fails to show his concern for his members, which is only one of the many reasons why they all love him!

You can watch the full clip from episode 4 of 7llin’ in our Youth on the link below.