NCT Dream’s Renjun Was Ready To Jump Off Stage To Help A Fan Who Fainted

He was able to help, just not the way he planned.

During NCT Dream‘s The Dream Show tour stop in Jakarta, Indonesia, there was an unfortunate situation concerning a fan’s safety. Renjun was so concerned that he was ready to step in and rescue them.

According to fans, someone had fainted in the standing pit. At first, it didn’t seem like Renjun knew how to handle what was happening. His attention quickly switched between fans calling his name, his members, and what was happening.

After some quick thinking, Renjun decided to pay close attention to the situation. With a worried look, he watched what was happening, holding a water bottle in his hand.

When he realized that the fainted fan might’ve needed water to make a quick recovery, he didn’t hesitate to come to their aid.

With the water bottle held high in one hand, Renjun began to step down from the stage to deliver it. That’s when fans got even more worried, telling him not to do so.

If the pit had already been chaotic enough for a fan to faint, Renjun coming close to them would make fans go even crazier.

He immediately listened to their urging and stepped backward. Since he couldn’t physically be of help without causing any more chaos, Renjun moved his hand to motion everyone to calm down and move back.

Even though security was most likely doing what they could to take care of the fan, Renjun looked heartbroken because he couldn’t do anything to help.

In that situation, Renjun ended up doing the best thing he could. If he’d stepped off the stage, the fans would’ve mobbed him and the fan who needed help.

Although he couldn’t do what he’d planned, Renjun’s sweet actions have fans loving how caring he is. See him do what he could for the fan’s safety here.