NCT’s Renjun Reveals What Should Be On Your Bucket List When You Become An Adult

Everyone should experience it at least once.

On NCT Dream‘s Renjun‘s recent live broadcast, he revealed what should be on someone’s bucket list when they become an adult.


A fan said they were turning twenty years old next year, the age of adulthood in Korea, and asked what they should do to celebrate.

Although it took a moment for him to say it, the thought was already in his head. He told the fan to do something that they’d never been allowed to do before: watch an adult movie in theaters.

Go to the theatre and watch a movie for adults.

It’s not something extreme; it’s a simple way to exercise your newfound adulthood. Renjun even mentioned that it could be saved for a bucket list if it wasn’t something you wanted to do immediately.

That could be an item [on a] bucket list.

Becoming an adult opens up a world of new experiences. In some cases, it’s better to ease into it slowly. Listen to Renjun’s way to celebrate adulthood starting at 22:30. Will you be following his advice?