NCT Dream’s Renjun Saved Jeno From Burning His Hand

Renjun moved quicker than lightning.

With so many awards shows happening in such a short time, there are bound to be minor mishaps that couldn’t have been predicted beforehand. During the 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards, NCT Dream‘s Renjun and the playful Jeno encountered one.


Fortunately, Renjun was able to call attention to it and stop it from affecting Jeno.

Deciding to take a breather and resting his elbows on the edge of what seemed to be the stage, Renjun instantly regretted his decision. As soon as he’d placed them down, he lifted and moved his arms back to his sides.

All of the lights lining the edge had been far hotter than he’d expected. To warn everyone else from suffering the same intensity of heat, he called attention to it by pointing two fingers. Since Jeno had been standing right beside him, he saw the warning and did the complete opposite.

Jeno took a walk on the wild side by placing his uncovered pointer finger right above the lights and turned toward Renjun, waiting for him to notice. It didn’t take long for Jeno to get the reaction he wanted.

As soon as Renjun spotted Jeno’s hand resting on the edge of lights, he grabbed his forearm and pulled it away with a movement so fast it barely registered in the video clip. Having felt the heat of the lights with covered arms, Renjun didn’t want to know what would happen to Jeno’s bare hand.

On top of that, Jeno’s hand could’ve easily landed right in the center of the lights while playing around, burning himself. With this in mind, Renjun didn’t hesitate to remove his hand entirely, preventing any harm at all.

See Renjun warn the others to avoid the hot lighting while saving Jeno’s playtime from burning him.